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Classification Essay - Definition, Tips, and Example

There are different types of essays that have to be written by a student during an education career. All these essays require different techniques and tactics to be completed. A classification essay is written to identify the various categories of a single thing. These categories should have distinct characteristics so that they are easily distinguished from each other.

If you want to clear your desk of papers, you can see which papers can be thrown away, which papers need some immediate actions and which papers will be sent to others. In the following lines, we will discuss some tips to write my essay more effectively.

Make the categories

Try to include all types of products discussed. If it is about a place where water sports are exercised, the essay may be incomplete without talking about surfing. Including too many categories will disrupt the readers and they may lose interest in your essay. An example of a classification essay on sports shoes should not include high heels or fancy shoes.

Use a single principle to classify

All the categories should fit into a single principle which means that the groups are sorted based on the same principle for all categories. When the essay is written on outdoor games, do not use another category as team sports. The second principle will have different sports as compared to the first one.

Handle each category equally

The writers should use the same number of examples in each category. The most important category may be kept for the last and is elaborated in much more detail. An essay writing service can help the writers to categorize things. 


Types of computers




1. Personal Computer

Used by a single person

A desktop is placed permanently whereas a laptop is portable

2. Node

Used in offices as a part of a network. Developing graphics and games

The microprocessor is powerful, additional memory and extended capabilities

3. Server

This is the central system of a network. It is used to control the processes of other computers in the network.

The processors are powerful with added memory and huge hard drives.

4. Main Frame

These are used by business entities.

Hundreds of people can work on these at a single point in time

5. Supercomputers

They can perform huge amounts of calculation in a short while

These systems are very powerful and are used in nuclear and other relevant fields.

The introduction of a classification essay will be very straight forward. The thesis statement of this essay will state there are five major categories of computers which are classified based on functions and characteristics. The next section will define and explain each category. The transition takes place as the first kind, the second kind, and so on.

Another example can be given regarding the various classifications of diets. Some diets are meant to bring changes in an individual’s weight while some others are related to curing certain diseases. The last category of diets is followed by people with certain beliefs and values.

Diets related to changes in weight are most popular among people. These are generally propelled by the fashion industry or a healthy lifestyle. Some people want to gain weight whereas some others would want to burn their excessive calories. These services may provide an outline for the essay for free to the essay writer.

Doctors prescribe some specific diets to people suffering from high blood pressure and sugar.

The last category of diets is associated with the values and beliefs of the people. One common example in this regard is vegetarians. Another classification is the vegan diet which is more philosophical than nutritional.

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